PI-SCALE project hosts OLED Lighting and International B2B Events

On the 15th November as part of the prestigious GLOW Festival in Eindhoven, the PI-SCALE project hosted a one day showcase to explore the business opportunities and product design possibilities associated with flexible OLED lighting.


Over 80 delegates attended the day which was hosted at the Kazerne restaurant and consisted of two events:

  • A “Hands-on” OLED Lighting Workshop
  • The Flexible OLED Lighting International B2B Forum

The Hands-on OLED Lighting Workshop was a morning workshop session and was chaired by Steven Bagshaw, CPI. The focus of the session was for designers and product developers from OLED application areas such as architecture, automotive, aerospace, fashion and consumer electronics to explore the possibilities of OLED lighting and challenge the technology on what is feasible today and in the near future.


Presentations were provided on the PI-SCALE project, the possibilities of OLED lighting and OLED technology from the viewpoint of a lighting manufacturer. The targeted brainstorm sessions offered attendees the opportunity to work through their design concepts and how to progress them to the commercial market.


The afternoon session consisted of the International OLED B2B Forum which focused on what is possible with OLED lighting today and what are the future visions for the technology. Presentations were provided from a range of product designers who all have different applications for flexible OLEDS.


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