Next-generation displays with super pixeled OLED


We are a “connected “ society with the increased number of appliances each day. Screens enable us read information, see ours families and do some work while queuing in line.
High demand and improvement of achievable resolution, brightness, size and lifetime made Imec/Holst – located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, continue the display advancement by photolithography patterning of OLED arrays.
The proof-of-concept is a passive display with 1400×1400 pixels (1.96 megapixel) of side-by-side, orange and green OLEDs. The sub-pixel pitch of 20 μm results in the equivalent resolution of 1,250 ppi. Uniform electroluminescence is demonstrated with the possibility to light up each color separately. Moreover, preliminary lifetime investigation shows operation of each color after patterning for a few hundred hours at more than 50% of the original brightness.


Read more about the photolithography process by Mr. Bart Brouwers