Pilot line offering

The pilot line is positioned to bridge the gap between R&D and mass production, and provides independent, open access services including:

We are extremely flexible in the way which we work and in providing the right support which suits your business and technology needs. Below are three ways in which we are working with companies to get their products to market. Ask us for information at info@lyteus.com


Get started quickly
  • Get familiar with small scale prototyping samples
  • Ideal for concept validation
  • Quickly see the design opportunities created from using flexible OLED lighting
  • Colours: red, green, blue, amber, yellow, white


Starting uniqueness
  • A wider selection of colour, shapes and connectors are available
  • Quantities can range from one OLED lighting panel to hundreds of lighting panels
  • Customised shapes, sizes and designs are available
  • Specialist connection and integration support is provided
  • Colours: red, green, blue, amber, yellow, white


Custom flexible OLED lighting – Designed for you
  • Fully customisable flexible designs which are specific and tailored for your own individual application
  • Any shape, size or colour, transparent or reflective
  • Working with you to bring your OLED lighting application to market faster
  • World leading connection and integration support